Hazel Heights Apartments

Affordable housing is a cornerstone of a healthy and thriving community. In Portland, Oregon, the city has taken steps to ensure everyone has access to safe and affordable housing. With the rise in housing costs in many parts of the country, Portland has embraced the concept of affordable housing to ensure that all its citizens can live in safe and stable homes. Roy Manufacturing is proud to be a part of an affordable housing development in Portland, the beautiful Hazel Heights Apartments on Stark Street. 

Hazel Heights Apartments is a five-story complex with 153 units encompassing 1.26 acres. Designed by Ankrom Moison Architects and under the direction of General Contractor, Team Construction, these one- and two-bedroom apartments are home to many individuals and families. The complex features an attractive outdoor courtyard with raised planters, seating areas, and a family-friendly playground area. Sustainability was a priority for developers, and native plantings, a high-efficiency irrigation system, and a stormwater recycling unit were all implemented in this construction project,

An exterior view of Hazel Heights Apartments located at 12621 SE Stark Street in Portland, Oregon.

Affordable housing is a critical factor in promoting healthy communities. When people have access to affordable housing, they can save money, pay off debt, and invest in assets that can help them build a better future for themselves and their families. Affordable housing also allows people to live in closer proximity to essential services such as schools, hospitals, and public transportation, which can reduce commute times and improve quality of life. In Portland, the city has enacted several measures to ensure affordable housing is available for all its citizens.

The city has invested in the construction of affordable housing, which has increased the number of units available to those in need. Portland has also enacted rent control laws to ensure that rental prices remain within reach of those with low incomes. Additionally, the city has created a housing trust fund to provide financial assistance to those needing housing assistance. Portland has also established several other programs to provide access to housing resources, including homebuyer assistance, rental assistance, and housing counseling services. These programs help ensure everyone has access to the resources they need to find housing.

We believe people deserve to live in homes that are aesthetically pleasing in addition to safe, clean, and affordable. We manufactured interior and exterior aluminum and steel panels for privacy and security facades, window awnings, and railing infill panels for this development. The aluminum panels remained raw, but the steel panels used near the playground were powder-coated. The aluminum panels were formed along the two long edges. These metal-punched panels enhance the look and feel of the apartment buildings, allow light and air to penetrate the interior areas, and provide safety and security for the families that live there.