Perforated Hazelnut Trommel Screens

Whether you call these delicious nuts “hazelnuts” or “filberts,” they represent one of the most significant agricultural industries in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, the hazelnut industry in Oregon has experienced a remarkable resurgence, transitioning from a bleak few decades to a flourishing future. From the late 1980s through the 2000s, the Eastern Filbert Blight outbreak destroyed orchards throughout our region. Yet, our hazelnut industry is strong, and we’re proud to be a part of a new era of hazelnut farming. Roy Manufacturing worked with a local farmer to improve hazelnut sorting with custom-designed hazelnut trommel screens. This project addresses the industry’s growing needs and showcases the company’s expertise in precision machining and fabrication.

The Hazelnut Trommel Project

The hazelnut trommel perforated screens by Roy Manufacturing tackle the intricate task of sorting hazelnuts, separating them from unwanted debris like dirt and rocks. This sophisticated equipment employs a series of differently sized perforated panels to ensure hazelnuts of various sizes are efficiently separated, enhancing productivity and quality. Fast, efficient, and accurate sorting is integral to a farmer’s success, so our team knew from the start how important this project would be for our client.

Overcoming Challenges with Expertise

The journey from concept to completion was not devoid of challenges. Roy Manufacturing’s superior capabilities became evident when tackling the unique specifications of this project. The trommel’s impressive 72 x 225 inches dimensions demanded an unconventional approach. To process the 20-foot-long sheets required for this project, we relied on our skilled team and Amada Coma 588 machines. The sheets, carefully maneuvered into the shop, were seamlessly transformed into functional components, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation.

The project’s success resonates with the customers’ initial dilemma—finding a solution others couldn’t provide. Roy Manufacturing’s ability to create perforated sheets up to 80 inches wide eliminated the need for costly and time-consuming laser or plasma cutting. Our unparalleled expertise bridged the gap, effectively meeting their customer’s needs and setting a new industry standard.

Custom Designed Perforated Metals Solve Complex Challenges

Central to the hazelnut trommel’s success for this client is the use of custom-designed perforated metals. Perforated metals are sheet metal materials meticulously punctured or stamped with an array of holes, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes. Architects and product designers are drawn to their versatility, allowing for creative designs while offering benefits like improved airflow, sound absorption, and light diffusion.

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