Precision Metal for Northwest Scaler Designs (NWSD)

In the realm of precision metal cutting, Profile Laser stands as a beacon of innovation and craftsmanship. Our commitment to delivering top-notch products is exemplified through our collaboration with Northwest Scaler Designs (NWSD), where we played a pivotal role in manufacturing precision-cut metal components for their diverse range of high-end scale model products.

Northwest Scaler Designs, a family-owned business based in Battle Ground, Washington, takes pride in producing quality tools, chassis, prints, chassis accessories, team garage hack products, beadlock rings, and complete chassis sets. Specializing in the design and manufacturing of items for high-end scale models, particularly remote-controlled cars and miniature vehicles, NWSD has become synonymous with innovation and integrity in the industry.

Our Work with Northwest Scaler Designs:

At Profile Laser, we were honored to contribute to NWSD’s success by producing scaled-model truck chassis parts and custom components for remote-controlled cars (for inclusion in their LR-2 kits), and parts for their remarkable ST-2 Chassis Table and SB-2 Scale Bender. This collaboration, which involves 2-3 custom orders per month, showcases the seamless integration of our skills and capabilities with NWSD’s innovative designs.

One standout project we undertook for Northwest Scaler Designs was the production of metal parts for their ST-2 Chassis Table. Their original ST-1 Scaler Table, a patented design by NWSD, is a game-changer in the world of scale modeling. The newest ST-2 model is also crafted from 14 gauge stainless steel and CNC laser-cut and formed with precision. Its features include a main table serving as a functional workstation, precision CNC laser-etched measurements in metric and SAE, a link-building station, shock filling stations, adjustable axle stands, frame stands for precise chassis height, and a pinion height stand for setting pinion height, angle, and caster before building suspension links. Its extreme adjustability makes it compatible with most 1/10th scale RC models.

Another revolutionary product we fabricate parts for is NWSD’s SB-2 Scale Bender. This tool is integral for producing compound 90 and 45 degree bends. As such, precision metal cutting is required to ensure the tool works properly for their customers. For this project, our tools fabricate parts from 0.188 stainless steel and use laser technology to imprint the parts with Black CerMark.

The manufacturing process for Northwest Scaler Designs products involves various capabilities at Profile Laser, including de-burr/time-saver polishing, etching/engraving, fiber laser cutting, and forming. Our in-house equipment, including the Amada RG-50 Press Brake, CM1690 Redsail CO2 Etching Laser, and TRUMPF 3030 Fiber Laser, played a crucial role in ensuring the highest quality for NWSD’s products.

Our collaboration with NWSD is a testament to the synergy between two companies dedicated to delivering quality products and outstanding customer service. NWSD’s focus on innovation and practicality aligns seamlessly with our commitment to precision and craftsmanship. As we continue to grow, our collaboration with NWSD is a shining example of the successful partnerships we forge.

NWSD proudly emphasizes that all their products are made in America, a sentiment that resonates with our values at Profile Laser. The small, family-run business ethos of NWSD mirrors our own dedication to excellence in both products and customer service. Together, we have created a successful partnership that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Why Choose Profile Laser for Your Precision Metal Cutting Needs:

What sets Profile Laser apart is our commitment to excellence and our diverse team’s extensive background in CAD, laser cutting, and fabrication. Founded in 2011 in Portland, Oregon, we have steadily grown over the past decade, establishing ourselves as a reliable partner for commercial, industrial, and design customers throughout the West. Our team’s expertise in CAD rendering, CNC programming, laser operations, and post-laser processing positions us as a leader in the industry.

If you are in search of a partner for your precision metal cutting needs, Profile Laser is the name you can trust. Our track record with Northwest Scaler Designs speaks volumes about our capabilities, commitment to quality, and dedication to innovation. Choose Profile Laser for unparalleled precision in every cut and excellence in every project. Contact us today for a free quote.

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