Enhancing the Southeast Redmond Train Station

Roy Manufacturing recently completed a remarkable project in collaboration with the construction of the new Southeast Redmond Train Station in Washington State. Our teams were tasked with creating over 160 decorative perforated panels to adorn this innovative transportation hub. The result of this partnership highlights our expertise in delivering high-quality custom perforated metals for architectural applications.

The Southeast Redmond Train Station is an extension of the East Link light rail service, connecting Redmond’s downtown area with Bellevue and Seattle. Located at 17520 NE 70th St in Redmond, WA, this station represents a pivotal link in the region’s public transportation infrastructure, designed to serve residents and businesses alike.

Roy Manufacturing’s contribution to this project involved crafting perforated panels using 0.125” 5052 Aluminum. Each panel was meticulously perforated with round holes, 1/2″ centers on 11/16″ staggered arrangements, delivering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. These panels varied in width from 24” to 50” and in length from 96” to 155”, serving as decorative elements within the station’s architecture.

Our Amada EMK 3612 turret press optimized production efficiency without compromising on craftsmanship. This advanced machine allowed for precise perforations and nibbling, ensuring each panel met the project’s decorative standards promptly and accurately.

The design of the Southeast Redmond Train Station prioritizes efficiency, safety, and community integration. Stakeholder input played a significant role in shaping the station’s layout, emphasizing a comfortable experience for patrons. Roy Manufacturing’s perforated panels contribute to this vision by enhancing the station’s aesthetics while maintaining functionality.

Perforated metal fabrication, Roy Manufacturing’s specialty, involves the creation of metal sheets with carefully arranged patterns of holes. These perforated panels serve diverse purposes, ranging from decorative applications to functional elements like screens, facades, and noise barriers. Our ability to customize perforations in various shapes and sizes underscores its versatility in meeting architectural requirements.

Roy Manufacturing, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, boasts a rich history spanning 66 years in the production of perforated metals. Despite changing ownership, their commitment to quality workmanship and superior service remains unwavering. Our skilled workforce ensures prompt delivery and exceptional customer service, catering to clients across North America and Europe.

The completion of the Southeast Redmond Train Station project underscores our dedication to excellence. Our ability to deliver custom perforated panels for architectural projects reflects our team’s technical prowess and commitment to meeting client specifications.

Perforated metals offer architects and designers a versatile medium to create visually striking yet functional structures. Roy Manufacturing’s panels not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also contribute to the station’s overall design philosophy of blending efficiency with visual appeal.

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Roy Manufacturing’s successful completion of over 160 custom perforated panels for the Southeast Redmond Train Station underscores our expertise in delivering high-quality architectural solutions. This project not only enhances the station’s aesthetic appeal but also exemplifies our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in every endeavor. As the Southeast Redmond Train Station welcomes passengers and integrates with the community, our perforated panels stand as a testament to our team’s capability to transform architectural visions into tangible, exceptional products. Contact us today for more information and a free quote on your project.