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Turret Punch Presses Connect Precision and Possibilities

Roy Manufacturing transforms your ideas and blueprints into beautiful and functional products using top-of-the line Amada Coma 588 Turret Punch Press, Amada Coma 567 Turret Punch Press, and Amada Octo 334 Turret Punch Press.

What is a turret punch press?

A turret punch press is a specialized machine used in the manufacturing and metal fabrication industry to punch holes, create shapes, and form features in sheet metal. It is a versatile and efficient tool that automates the process of punching holes and performing various operations on metal sheets, such as cutting, embossing, and forming.

The heart of a turret punch press is its turret, which holds a variety of tooling options. These tools include different types of punches and dies, each designed for specific tasks like hole punching, notching, bending, and more. The turret can hold numerous tools, allowing for quick tool changes without the need for manual setup.

Sheets of metal are loaded into the machine, often with the help of an automated sheet feeder. The CNC control coordinates the movement of the sheet to ensure accurate positioning for each operation.

The CNC-controlled turret rotates and positions the appropriate tool over the sheet metal. The tool descends with force to pierce or punch through the metal, creating holes or performing other operations as specified in the CNC program.

Turret punch presses are known for their high level of accuracy and precision. They can achieve tight tolerances and repeatable results, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and architectural metalwork.

Turret punch presses are capable of rapid operation, making them efficient for high-volume production. The ability to switch between tools quickly and perform multiple operations in a single setup reduces production time and labor costs.

Technology For Ultimate Precision

Our turret punch presses are integrated with CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software, which allows our engineers and fabricators to create detailed designs and generate CNC programs for the machine. This software ensures that designs are accurately translated into finished metal parts.

See It in Action

Watch our video to learn more about how our turret punch presses can bring your visions to life with ultimate precision and speed.

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Turret Punch Press

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