“E+MergenCe: Energy and Memory” at Hidden Creek Community Center

Hillsboro, Oregon, is a vibrant and growing city that boasts a rich cultural and artistic heritage. Artwork plays a crucial role in the city’s identity and has contributed to its reputation as a destination for tourists and art enthusiasts alike. From public murals and sculptures to galleries and events, Hillsboro’s art scene is one of its most valuable assets. In Hillsboro, the artistic community has created a shared cultural experience accessible to everyone. From children to adults, art has something to offer everyone. Public murals and sculptures can be enjoyed by anyone passing by, while galleries and events provide an opportunity for a deeper engagement with the art and artists. One such artwork commissioned by the City of Hillsboro welcomes visitors to the front entrance of the Hidden Creek Community Center.

E+MergenCe: Energy and Memory by Norie Sato

Roy Manufacturing was proud to be selected by the artist, Norie Sato, to produce elements of her artwork, “E+MergenCe: Energy and Memory,” installed at the Hidden Creek Community Center.

Located at the Hidden Creek Community Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, Norie Sato’s artwork is a captivating integration of spirit, movement, energy flow, community, individuality, nature, and memory. The artwork comprises two distinct parts: a wall piece and a sculpture, each comprised of more minor elements that come together to create a cohesive whole. Norie’s artwork uniquely reflects the landscape and site, as well as the community members who utilize the facility. The sculpture is a dynamic force that expresses the collective energy of the community, drawing them into the center. In contrast, the wall represents a quieter gathering of energy “collected” from the sculpture and transformed into a more orderly and organized community. The artwork’s intricate interplay of dynamic and static elements creates a cohesive and dynamic representation of the Hidden Creek Community Center, reflecting the collective spirit of the people who use and enjoy it.

Norie Sato is a Seattle-based artist who creates artwork for both private studio practice and public spaces. Her portfolio includes a diverse range of individual, collaborative, and design team public art projects, as well as public art plans for projects of varying sizes. Norie’s artistic approach is rooted in site and context-driven ideas, which allows her to find the appropriate form and materials to add meaning and a human touch to the environment. She prioritizes the holistic integration of artwork within a site and considers environmental concerns such as materials, concepts, and use. Norie strongly believes in collaborating on big-picture thinking, which results in a more seamless integration of artwork. Her extensive public art experience spans universities, airports, libraries, transit, city halls, convention centers, infrastructure, and parks throughout the country, including Scottsdale, AZ; Ames, IA; Madison, WI; Portland, OR; San Francisco; Miami; and San Diego, among others. The Public Art Network’s Year in Review has recognized her public artwork five times, further highlighting her impressive artistic contributions.

Roy Manufacturing used the Amada Coma 588 to punch multiple-size round holes with different centers in 16 GA SS 304-2B material to create four unique patterns for the wall pieces. The work was installed by Jim Schmidt, Art and Design Works, LLC (jimartanddesign@gmail.com).

About Hidden Creek Community Center

Hidden Creek Community Center has played a significant role in Hillsboro’s commitment to art and culture by providing a dedicated space for artistic and cultural events, classes, and exhibitions. The community center has become a hub for creative expression, offering a range of programs that promote the arts and celebrate the city’s cultural diversity. One of the center’s primary missions is to support local artists and cultural organizations. Through partnerships with local arts groups, the center has hosted a range of events and exhibitions, including art shows, concerts, and performances. These events provide a platform for local artists to showcase their work and engage with the community, and they also offer residents and visitors a chance to experience different art forms and cultural traditions.

The Hidden Creek Community Center also offers a variety of art classes and workshops for all ages and skill levels. From drawing and painting to ceramics and photography, the center’s art programs provide a space for individuals to learn and develop their artistic abilities. These classes not only help people discover their creativity but also foster a sense of community and belonging. In addition to its art programs, the Hidden Creek Community Center has become a popular venue for cultural events and celebrations. The center has hosted numerous festivals and events celebrating Hillsboro’s cultural diversity, including the Latino Cultural Festival, the Lunar New Year celebration, and the Dia de los Muertos celebration. These events provide an opportunity for residents to come together and learn about different cultures while enjoying food, music, and art.