Columbia Tech Center Amphitheater

Roy Manufacturing was proud to collaborate with a local construction company to design and build components for the new Columbia Tech Center Amphitheater. The 2400-square-foot amphitheater is located within the Columbia Tech Center Nature Park in Vancouver, Washington, and opened to the public in mid-2022. The facility was designed by the architecture firm of Orangewall Studios and built by contractor Rotschy Inc and is owned by PacTrust.

The Columbia Tech Center was established in 1996 as a master-planned community comprised of almost 4 million square feet of retail, office, and flex space, along with multi-family homes and entertainment amenities to support a healthy lifestyle. The community has continued to grow and thrive as an integral part of the East Vancouver community. The successful growth led the park’s owner to realize it was time to replace the original amphitheater facilities with a modern structure that welcomes guests, embodies the look and feel of the community, and enhances the quality of performances at the venue.

Features of the Columbia Tech Center Amphitheater

One of the most popular features of the location is the Columbia Tech Center Amphitheater, where community members flock to watch musical and theatrical performances. The new structure was designed to optimize the acoustics of the performance space. The roof slopes in two directions, supported by a steel frame at the front and cantilevered steel columns at the rear. The roof itself is constructed of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and a wide-flange steel beam system.

Some of the panels produced by Roy Manufacturing reached lengths of 200″.

Rotschy Inc contracted with Roy Manufacturing to design and construct the canted steel panel wing walls suspended from the roof framing and steel frame columns. Roy Manufacturing transformed large 1/8″ aluminum sheets into functional works of art.  Using a 50-ton capacity CNC-controlled turret punch press, they punched 1/2″ diameter holes staggered at 11/16″ into the sheets. Some of the panels installed on the exterior walls of the amphitheater reached lengths of 200″. Their design optimizes the acoustic quality of performances and enhances the visual appeal and ambiance of the venue.