Local Artist, Jeremy Furnish – 125th Anniversary of the Astoria Regatta

Almost all of our work is completed as a partnership.  Sometimes it’s working with an architect to bring a piece to life to give a building or structure a certain aesthetic feeling.  Other times, it may be working with a contractor to develop elements that fulfill a structural need while matching the look and feel of the rest of the interior or exterior elements of a building.  One work we are especially proud of was working with an amazing local artist, Jeremy Furnish, to bring his vision to life for the 125th Celebration of the Astoria Regatta.

125th anniversary Astoria RegattaThe Astoria Regatta in Astoria, Oregon, is a four-day festival that celebrates the city’s maritime heritage and attracts visitors from all over the region. The first Astoria Regatta was held in 1894 to celebrate the return of the city’s fishing fleet from Alaska. Since then, the event has become a popular tradition that is now one of the largest events in Astoria.  The celebration is an extraordinary event for the community, featuring a free concert performed by the Oregon Symphony.  The event is filled with food vendors, a petting zoo, and other activities for young and old alike to come together and honor the long history of one of Oregon’s founding communities.

The 125th anniversary Regatta, held in July 2019, was a special event that showcased the city’s maritime heritage in unique ways. One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of a new monument to the Regatta, created by local artist, Jeremy Furnish. The extraordinary monument, a 10-foot-tall wave with a 26- by 32-inch base that holds a jewel of the sea, was designed, constructed, and installed by Furnish for the waterfront in Astoria. It’s a beautiful and lasting tribute to the city’s maritime heritage comprised of silicon bronze, 316 stainless steel, and cast glass.  Furnish asked Profile Laser to assist him by creating some of the steel and bronze elements of the structure using our laser-cutting equipment.  Being chosen to help Furnish with his artwork was a great honor, and we were thrilled to be a part of the project.  Visitors to Astoria continue to enjoy this sculpture permanently installed at the 17th Street Finger Pier on the Astoria waterfront.  See more of Jeremy Furnish’s artwork on his website: www.furnishcreative.com.


**All photos displayed as part of this project are compliments of Jeremy Furnish, visit his website for more information.

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